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CLN Energy Pvt. provides sustainable energy solutions for your business. We are dedicated to revolutionising how we power our world, primarily focusing on electric vehicle components and cutting-edge Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

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Industrial Battery Energy Storage System

Industrial Energy Storage Lithium Battery

CLN Energy introduced Industrial Battery Energy Storage system is engineered for the demands of large-scale operations. Its standout features and unique selling points (USPs) include massive storage capacity, ensuring a stable power supply during peak demand or grid outages. Advanced predictive analytics and remote monitoring enable efficient energy management and reduce downtime. CLN's system seamlessly integrates with industrial equipment, optimizing performance and extending lifespan. With modular scalability, it accommodates evolving energy needs for High Power and High energy applications. Additionally, CLN offers comprehensive maintenance and support packages, minimizing operational disruptions. This makes CLN the go to choose for industries seeking reliable, efficient and cost effective energy storage solutions.

96 to 1000V - 20 to 500kW

Industrial Energy Storage Lithium Battery India

Cost effective

More reliable

Maintenance free

Less disruptions

Uninterrupted power

Remote monitoring